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Podcast of ExBEM

Welcome to the Podcast of ExBem, the podcast of experience based emergency medicine, where dogma is challenged and new ideas born from clinical experience are explored.  If you agree with these ideas, great. If you disagree, all the better...  explain why in the comments section.  The podcast is also available on iTunes and subscriptions are free.


Donald W Crowe, MD  finished his emergency medicine residency in 1983. After a brief stay on the faculty of the University of Florida, he has practiced community emergency medicine since. He has cared for over 200,000 patients in the emergency department. This experience has led him to believe that many of the core ideas that are being taught to young emergency physicians are flawed and that an improved framework of ideas can facilitate better patient care.





He has been blessed with both a continuing desire to find new ways to improve his practice as well is a continuing desire to see where he is wrong.