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Podcast of ExBEM

Welcome to the Podcast of ExBem, the podcast of experience based emergency medicine, where dogma is challenged and new ideas born from clinical experience are explored.  If you agree with these ideas, great. If you disagree, all the better...  explain why in the comments section.  The podcast is also available on iTunes and subscriptions are free.

Sep 1, 2022

After two episodes spent defining the problem, on this offering I outline a prescription to treat our sick society.  We have the tools, do we have the will to try something new? 

Aug 2, 2022

If recent events reflect an American society that has become sick, what is the illness affecting us and how did it arise?  On this episode I argue that our attempts to engineer a " Great Society" have collided with human nature and the results have not been those expected.


Jul 1, 2022

Do recent events prove that our society is sick? I believe that they do.  Does 40 years of experience caring for sick individuals justify my comentary discussing why it is sick and what can be done to cure it?  Decide for yourself.

Jun 1, 2022

Emergency physicians report the highest levels of burnout among medical specialities.  So how am I still tolerating and even enjoying (sometimes) going off to work after forty years? On this episode I explain why I've been lucky.

May 1, 2022

Things seem to go more smoothly when the "voice of authority" can be trusted to guide us along.  But can it?  Not if opposing viewpoints are ignored or repressed.